Oily Learning Made Easy

Getting Started

 If you are just starting to explore essential oils and the natural lifestyle, these classes will walk you through the basics.

Essential Oils 101 Learn about the best and safest ways to use essential oils as we dive into the most popular oils and how to use them.

I Already Got My Starter Kit...Now What?  You have your start kit and you love it.  You may even be wondering how you went so long without essential oils in your life.  Here are the next best steps to take, and the other things you won't want to miss out on!

All Things Thieves Discover how to eliminate the harmful chemicals in your home and replace them with safe and effective products

Ningxia Red    This is one of the TOP ways I keep my family healthy!  Explore fun and creative ways to take NingXia Red while learning about all the health benefits of this nutritional supplement drink.

All Things CBD A comprehensive class about the history of CBD, the science behind its effectiveness, and the benefits to using Nature's Ultra CBD oil that is infused with Young Living Essential Oils.

Welcome New Members! If you just got your Starter Kit, and you're looking for some quick tips on how to use it, select a class below based on which kit you ordered.

Diving Into The Oily Life

If you've been using essential oils for any length of time, you've probably discovered that there are many more ways to use them that you haven't explored yet!  These classes will give you new ideas and suggestions for diving deeper into your specific areas of interest.

Aging Gracefully with Young Living  This class will focus on helping those Baby Boomers live through their Golden Years with vibrancy.

Oils of the Scripture This class explores the Oils of Ancient Scripture Kit. The Kit contains ten oils, each with a rich history rooted in scripture. Even though ancient, these oils still have some amazing uses for everyday life! Join for this unique and historic class!

Back to School with Essential Oils Get tips and tricks to support your kid's health as they return to school.

Cooking with Essential Oils It's time to ditch those boring dried herbs and spices and bring your favorite dishes to life with essential oils.

Essential Oils for Every Man Regardless of age or gender, getting and staying healthy is for EVERYONE. Enjoy this men’s class to learn about the most popular products from Young Living and how you can use them every day to live a healthy lifestyle to enhance your masculinity, health, energy, and mood. 

Back to School Wellness This class will give you some tips and tricks on how to best support you and your child throughout the school year and beyond.

Business Opportunity

Ever wondered what it would entail to have your very own business with Young Living?

The Young Living Business Opportunity